Student learning


  • Use Google Classroom. Each of your teachers will use Google Classroom to provide you with weekly assignments. You will need to access the Google Classroom to access these assignments, view resources to help you complete the work, and to submit the work for feedback and grading.


  • Submit weekly assignments no later than 8PM each Saturday. Each week you will be assigned two classwork assignments and one assessment in each class. You can complete the work at your own pace, but all assignments must be uploaded by Saturday evening each week.


  • Review written feedback from your teachers and check your grades regularly. Your teachers will continue to give you feedback and grades just as if you were in school. Review your feedback and check grades in SIS regularly to monitor your progress.


  • Make a weekly “class schedule” to help keep yourself on track. Most students have six classes on their schedule. If each teacher assigns you two classwork assignments designed to take approx. 1 hour each, and one assessment designed to take approx. 1 hour, this means you can expect to spend approximately 18 hours each week on school. A normal school week is 35 hours, so this is a decrease in learning time. However, this learning format requires much more discipline and independence from students, because you will not have adults “forcing” you to complete assignments during a specific time. Therefore, it is critical that you make a weekly “class schedule” for yourself and that you try to stick to it.


  • Reach out to your teachers for help when you need it. Each of your teachers will provide online “Office Hours” to provide extra help for students who need it. Pay attention to your Google Classroom to find out when your teacher will be available each week so that you can take advantage of their help.


  • Be professional and respectful at all times in the Google Classroom. Online school follows the same expectations as in person school. Students are expected to be respectful and professional at all times. All aspects of the Code of Conduct applies to online school, including but not limited to the use of inappropriate language, bullying, etc.